so I am super excited I can finally share this with you. Two of my favourite people are once again putting their creative awesomeness to good use and curating an exhibition which I am super lucky to be apart of. After the success of Once Upon last year, Angela and Renee-Anne  present to you Disband, a group show with 16 super talented artist from around Australia.

seeing the ladies say it much better than I could : 

Inspired by the 40th anniversary since the break-up of The Beatles, the theme of this carefully curated exhibition, titled Disband, is the end of relationships, be they romantic or otherwise.  With the support of one of Sydney’s favourite indie art venue’s, aMBUSH gallery, Renee and Angela will be creating somewhat of an installation where visitors will tour the apartment of a couple undergoing such a split, and the featured works will be on the wall of their “living space”.

Expect to see original pieces by amazing Australian artists  Kelly Smith, Ben Zen, Laura McKellar and Elisa Mazzone (examples shown in image) as well as talented peeps like Natalie Perkins, Jordan Clarke , Courtney Brims and many more.  On the opening night, you can also expect to see a cute 10-minute play titled “A Toothbrush Tale (We’ll Always Have Peach Tiles)” which was recently a finalist in the international Short & Sweet Festival, by Sydney’s own Anika Herbert.

For more details check out the website + the facebook event page
Opening night  Thursday May 27th, 2010 6pm to 9pm at
aMBUSH gallery 4A James St, Waterloo, Sydney, NSW.
open daily from 10am to 5pm through to Sunday May 30th.

As I will be away I will be sharing some sneak peeks of my work with you all the way from the US of A so keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks. Also the exhibition will be coming to Melbourne in August which I am super super super excited about!