taking the Amtrak from Seattle to Portland

Portland is most definitely the home of weird. Case in point - hot tubbing by the hour

I wish this was my shop - Tender Loving Empire

Seriously - how awesome?

Look what I found at Tender Loving Empire - my friends Anna & Gareth's awesome  cards able and game 

The gorgeous store front - it has a moving wooden set.  Radish Underground next door is equally amazing - seriously!!!
The Chinese Garden. Apparently authentic, apart from the view of the buildings outside. As my travel buddy said - worst $8.59 I will ever spend

Gorgeous saucers at my favourite coffee store in the whole USA - Stumptown Roasters

amazing interior space at Stumptown off Burnside.

My first view of snow from the overnight Amtrak we took from Portland to San Fran 

Next we trained our way down to Portland, Oregon. And what amazing views! Once there we found such a sweet little town, I mean it seems like every amazing crafter or blogger out of the USA is living in Portland, so it must be good right? I found some great stores. I had some had amazing hot chocolate at Stumptown. We even went to an old movie theatre out in the 'burbs and saw an old re-run which was a highlight. All in all Portland is very sweet. 

Here are my Portland highlights:

1. Second run movies at an old movie theatre outside of the city
2. Stumbling across fun stores like Tender Loving Empire & Radish Underground
3. Exploring Powells bookstore