the capitol

Arlington Cemetery 

Arlington Cemetery

The ruby red slippers at the Smithsonian American Museum

Flags at the Mall

Lincoln Memorial

Maya Lin's Vietnam Veterans Memorial

View along the Mall

Silver tree at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

D.C was lovely. It was hot - I'm talking 35 degrees. Everywhere you turn there is a monument, there is an inspiring building. You are literally wandering through history. I stayed in Capitol Hill and it was a lovely little pocket of sweetness with a great market & street after street of little brownstones. I saw the White House (which was actually really uninteresting). I got to see the star spangled banner. And Dorothy's ruby slippers at the Smithsonian American Museum. I got to go to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery which for me was the best gallery I have ever been to my entire life. I was so inspired. I still am. 

So my D.C highlights:
1. Exploring the Smithsonian's - it is just amazing they have such a collection all in one city
2. The Vietnam Memorial - I studied this at uni and it is honestly the most stunning built form I have or will ever interact with. Big call I know, but really it is so beautiful
3. Arlington Cemetery. I was just overwhelmed by this. 
4. Walking the Mall at sunrise. Beautiful