disband: an exhibition coming to Melbourne!

well peeps i have some exciting news - remember that rad exhibition DIsband presented by the super talented and lovely due Angela of Leeloo and Renee- Anne that I was part of back in May? Well its coming to Melbourne at the end of August. Exciting right? You bet!

Even more exciting (and scary) is that in addition to 3 brand spanking new artworks, I am also helping to gather all the goodies to go into the installation. Yes, as my family and friends have pointed out I am a crazy woman. 

This is actually my first exhibition ever in Melbourne so it is doubly exciting to be exhibiting in my hometown so my peeps will actually believe that I do this stuff! Obviously it will be super fun so if you are in Melbourne please come along to opening night on the 26th August and tell all your friends to come too, it should be a fun night indeed. For more information about the opening check out the facebook event  

And in the mean time here is a little sneak peek of one of my new artworks - I'm going for a slightly different more collaged style for these pieces so fingers crossed they turn out how I l hoped. I will share some more shots over the next few weeks!