I love decorating

I love redecorating my house. It is seriously one of my biggest distractions. 

I have been spending a pretty large chunk of my time lately cleaning and sorting. Not for any particular reason other than that I can't get settled until I have sorted out this part of my life. Sparing you the boring details, after a couple of trips to the Salvos and a whole lot of recycling, moving and sorting I can finally get to the fun part - decorating. I love to decorate and move things around in the house - much to the amusement of my sister whom I live with.  

So here are a few shots of the start of my decorating fun, including a few new finds I made on the weekend. 

I have ALOT of arty things I pick up from the markets and various places and I'm finally finding ways to display them about the house.

I picked up these awesome vintage Japanese shakers at Quirk & Co, an awesome new shop in North Melbourne

And I love doilies. I know this makes me a nana at 27 but seriously how cute is this one?