Art & Craft for Easter

I want to start by saying I love chocolate. In my house it is considered a food group of its own.

So obvioulsy Easter is one of my favourite times of year because well, there is an abundance of chocloate. But this year I have been thinking of passing over those delicious chocloate bunnies and buying something that will last longer than the inevitable Easter sugar coma. 

So here are a couple of things I think would be super to pick up instead of a bunny (or in addition to it !)

Well Dressed Animals by Ryan Berkely 

I saw some of Ryan's prints from the Well Dressed Animal series at cute local shop Quirk & Co. (check it out if you are in Melbourne) and I was totally smitten. I love this series and Ryan does some pretty amazing other work too which you can check out here. Here are a couple of my faves which are available in his shop, I think are just as cute as those foil wrapped bunnies.

 Lady Rabbit by Ryan Berkeley available here

White Rabbit by Ryan Berkley available here

Wearables by So Little Time Co

Now I know this doesn't resemble a bunny or an egg but I promise you this sweet pendant watch (or wearable as they call them) by So Little Time Co. is a winning replacement for chocolate this Easter (or any time really). 

Made in Melbourne by the extremely lovely team of Kirsty, Josh and Jacinta,I gurantee that you will find something sweet over at So Little Time Co. I gave a friend the pendant below for her birthday and I swear she hasn't taken it off since. So check them out here and visit the shop too!

Wind Cloud Pendant available here Image: So Little Time Co. 

Recipe Box by Dawn Tan with Harvest Textiles

No doubt you will have heard of the super talented and super lovely Dawn Tan so I don't need to rabbit on (lame pun - sorry!). Anyway, recently Dawn did a residency at Harvest Workroom and produced a whole bunch of amazing products which you can buy in the shop online. I love everything but I think my favourite is the Recipe Box - and who doesn't want to cook up some yummy recipes over Easter?

Recipe Box by Dawn Tan with Harvest Textiles available over here

Stay tuned for some more Easter treats this week on the blog

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