I heart instragram

It is no secret that I love taking photographs of everyday moments and adventures. I have been known in the past to take hundreds of photos at parties or just when I am out for a walk. 

As you can imagine it was kind of a natural thing for me to continue this habit when I upgraded to an iPhone early in 2011. And now I have over 2,000 photos on my phone. Yes it is un-believable

As if my love of happy snapping needed any more encouragement - well I was wrong. 

So you might have heard of a little app called instagram. Thanks to instagram my happy snaps have found a home to be shared while I get to check out cool pics from other pals. 

It kind of goes without saying - I heart instagram

So if you heart instagram too then check out my feed at truthbejess
Expect lots of pictures of dresses, tea cups, stuff I love and all the things I get up to.