Likes + Loves: a labour of love

This weekend was a long weekend here in Melbourne and I'm not going to lie, I live for public holidays. There is nothing like that sneaky extra day to recharge the batteries and put a smile on this girls face. 

Now while I may be back at work in the real world today I am not going to forget this one any time soon. I got to work on a little secret project which took me all over the city and beyond with cute props, a handsome gent and an even cuter friend, but more on that later. 

I also spent a pretty great portion of my days going to markets, drinking tea and sitting in cool cafes with friends. I checked out 3 markets this weekend - the new The Melbourne Flea down at Docklands, old faithful Camberwell Market and the North Melbourne Special Designer Event. It was only the first week of the Melbourne Flea and I was really impressed by the set up they have put together, especially the food vendor area, where they have managed to create a pretty nice little area in what is normally a pretty unwelcoming part of Docklands using shipping containers and a few milk crates. The farmers market area was also fantastic and while the flea stalls themselves weren't great I am sure this area will only improve as the weeks go on. 

And while I only got to drop in briefly to the North Melbourne market, it was fantastic to be able to catch a couple of the runway shows by The Professors Daughter and Lady Phillips. I have dresses and homewares by both of these labels so I was very excited to see the lovely items in the new collection. Do check both of these fantastic Melbourne labels out! 

So here are some of the highlights. Hope you had a lovely weekend too.  

We visited a new market here in Melbourne down at the Docklands, The Melbourne Flea . Check it out if you are in town, it has a farmers market, flea market stalls and a pretty cool food and drinks set up - with a bar of course!

How great is the signage? I'm such a sucker for cursive signage. The set up at this new market is pretty inviting. 

Details from the 'peoples market' The Melbourne Flea - there are loads of great food stalls but my fave was the guys at Farmer Joe's - they were so friendly, I even got some camera & avocado storage tips. 

I love this dress by The Professors Daughter - seriously - how amazing is that rainbow pattern!

More gorgeous pieces by The Professors Daughter  whizzing past on the catwalk at the North Melbourne Market