Likes + Loves : Paper + Music

images via creative review

I've always had a habit of collecting images I love and find inspiring. I have clippings, pinboards, photos of things. But no scrapbooks, don't worry - I haven't gotten quite to that level as yet.

Anyway - I've always collected images I find inspiring, and advertising campaigns that I love. I know this seems kind of weird but I am a sucker for an innovative marketing campaign. And when I saw this one on Creative Review I swooned. Yes, I understand how sad it is that I swoon over ads. I need to work on it. This campaign of band posters for the debut album of British band Dry the River was created by FOAM

I love that the campaign goes beyond being a standard band poster that we don't even notice for more than a second. By incorporating some artistry and tangible elements that passersby can interact with you are able to actually experience the advertising with more of your sense. It doesn't just capture your attention, it leaves a last impression. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to slow down and actually interact with your surroundings. It is so easy in our ultra connected lives to forget the value of being disconnected. That is why I think this is such a successful campaign - you actually have to stop and be in the moment. 

In any case - who can resist a 3D paper horse?

Image, Video & Campaign Credits
Creative Directors: Phil Clandillon and Steve Milbourne
Creatives: Keighley Allen and Sophie Yeoman
Producer: Simon Poon Tip
DoP: Greg Taylor