Interview feature on the CWC

Sometimes when I get busy my brain starts to give up on me and I do things in my mind and not in reality. it is usually something along the lines of buying paper in my mind but not actually going. My mind ticks it off the list and then it is 'done'.  This time it was amongst the craziness of preparing for the Finders Keepers that my brain completely forgot to share my interview featured on the Creative Women's Circle last week.  

Now that my mind and reality have caught up - here it is

Thank you to the lovely Roslyn Russell from Sew Delicious and of course the Creative Women's Circle for the opportunity and well for being just plain awesome. 

If you haven't checked out the CWC before then do so NOW! Sorry for being bossy but there are a load of great things happening over there you should check out.  You can even be a member too like me or just sign up for the regular newsletters. Either way, you will thank me later.