Custom Invitations - Tash & Ed

A little while ago I shared a little sneak peek of the design of a new wedding invitation set for the lovely Tash and Ed (check it out over here). Well I thought it was about time I shared part of the finished set with you. 

I should start by saying that I'm kind of head over heels for how this all turned out. Seriously, this suite has fast become one of my favourite projects I have worked on. And yes I know that I say this about every project I work on. I can't help it, I really love doing this.

I met with Tash earlier in the year to chat about the wedding and lets just say its going to be amazing - Noosa in November, ceremony on the beach - you get the ever so gorgeous picture. Luckily for me, Tash was very organised so there was a lot of detail for me to work. For the invitations, we decided that a contemporary and romantic design was the ideal choice to reflect the couple and also the relaxed plans for the day. 

The invitation set includes the invitation, rsvp card and a details card and map. The main motif featured on all elements of the suite are the 'love birds' - which are a bride and groom birds that I digitally illustrated. The 'love birds' tie in perfectly with the romantic theme, colour scheme and also the bird cages which will be a styling feature at the wedding. I also illustrated a map for the details card which sets out the day in a graphic form. 

I used two main fonts for the set - Buttermilk and Conqueror - they perfectly reflect the romantic yet contemporary balance that underpins the design. I also chose a lightly textured stock and string kraft envelope for an extra special finish. 

The set is tied together by a wrap band featuring the emblem I design for the couple and the sweet words ' a wedding, a love story'. Romantic hey? I think so. 

I'll be sharing more details from this set very soon, but in the mean time I hope you enjoy a sneak peek at a few of the key elements of this design. 

Detail from the invitation - using pink for key elements such as the couples names and the 'love birds'

The packaged set - the invitation card was mounted on a heavy craft card to match the envelope and make it stand out from the other pieces in the set. 

A detail of the map illustration that forms the reverse of the details card. 

A close up of the emblem featured on the wrap band of the set.