Stationery Love for The Finders Keepers

So I think I have been pretty open about my love for paper and stationery in general. I mean, I still have my special Derwent pencils from when I was 8. Plus, it is part of the reason I decided to design my own after all. 

Luckily for you, the lovely people from The Finders Keepers recently asked me to name 6 of my favourite stationery prodz for their July Gift Guide. So here they are for you: 

1. Best Ever card by truth.be.told
2. Handmade letterpress tags (5 pack) by The Collectors Room
3. Pencil Hardback Book by Ask Alice
4. I like to draw pencil pack by The Small Object
5. How wonderful life is tray by Hanna Melin from Hello Polly
6. Award Ribbon Stickers by BLANK

Their are a bunch of other gorgeous products picked out by 5 other designers for you as a part of the July Gift Guide - check it out over here : http://www.thefinderskeepers.com/blog/2012/07/july-2012-gift-guide-stationry-lov/

Thanks again to The Finders Keepers for asking me to share my faves!