what colour is for you?

i just came across this article from new york magazine and it got me thinking.

i live in melbourne which is known for its love for black clothes and i studied architecture which is also well know for its black uniform. but i have never ever been into it and couldn't understand how anyone could wear so much black. maybe it is because i am a child of the 80's who lived for hyper colour tshirts or because i feel like a ghost when i wear black. so i feel like a bit of a color traitor when i go out into the big wide world when i stroll the streets with my electric blue scarf, cherry red skirt & lemon shoes. but after reading this piece by jo goddard i don't feel so odd or alone in this rainbow world. you see the individuals profiled are devoted (or maybe obsessed ) to a colour. its all they wear, seriously as you can see.

photograph by tina tyrell for nymag.com

now this may seem extreme, and you are right : it is. but that wasn't my first reaction. instead i was jealous, especially of the blue devotee above. so maybe i will become a colour devoted convert. but what colour to choose? red? only problem is finding red clothes in winter in melbourne .

so, what colour is for you?