i would like to thank the academy...

who doesn't loved being loved? well i am not going to lie, i do. and i have recieved a couple of awards from the lovely hollie & honor in the last week so here i go spreading the love. i'm combining the two (hope thats ok!)

here are my 6 things that I am happy about right now :

1. the weekend : i'm going to see this with one of my fave people on the planet
2. that spring is only weeks away - bring on the sunshine so my tiny frost bitten hands can defrost:)
3. my new illustrations & cards that i'm dropping into thread den tomorrow. i love the way they turned out
4. my new shoes - red mary jane heels that pretty much rock my world
5. that i go to sydney in less than a month
6. friday night i'm going to my friend nathan's album launch at the espy & its going to be a whole lotta fun so if you are around come & see him or check him out here too
i've seen these around a bit so rather than tag others here are some of the blogs i love to read because well i think they are both brilliant and make me happy when i read them: