this is ...how i like to spend my weekend

well honestly, i'm not too fussy with my weekends. i just like to relax and not be at work! but the last few months i have developed a little bit of an obsession with making the time off count by seeing as much of my friends and family as i can. and this weekend was pretty perfect for me as far as that goes. so here is my weekend in a nutshell:
super fun new zealand wine tasting at work, seeing my uni friends friday night for our mates album launch, dancing around and maybe drinking a little too much on friday night, catching up with these super lovely people , dancing in the rain + not dropping my maccas chippies at the same time!, sleeping in (maybe thanks to the wine + dancing), reading the papers, taking lots of polaroids. seeing the art deco exhibition, trying on some AWFUL red lipsticks, buying our first ever red lipsticks with yols, making a few cards + well sleeping.
all in all it was a perfect weekend. and for those of you who are in Melbourne and haven't been to see the Art Deco exhibition at NGV yet, I would say what are you waiting for? . My favourite things were the amazing dresses by lanvin & chanel, the cartier jewellery, radios + the honestly beauiful illustrations and travel posters. the only down side really is that it is so so busy that you can't stand around and admire for as long as i would like (but that could be years!)
i hope you all had just as much fun this weekend too!
thanks to the bird bath for this weeks theme