LA LA land - last stop LA

Santa Monica - i loved relaxing down on the beach

lovers locks on the Santa Monica overpass

The Bradbury Building

Angels Flight , downtown LA - the world's shortest railway

angels flight park - and the bench from 500 days of summer

my hands are the same size as Judy Garland's. amazing

yes, i did the walk of stars. 

Griffith Observatory - my favourite place in LA

View from the Observatory down to LA

Relaxing at Griffith Park. 

So for the final stop on my little voyage abroad - LA. I had some really great times in LA. We spent the day exploring Downtown - I saw the bench from 500 days of summer, the Million Dollar Theatre & the Walt Disney Concert Hall. We went to the La Brea Tar Pits and LACMA. And of course I did the typical things - Hollywood Bld which I am not going to lie, I totally enjoyed putting my hands in the casts at Mann's Chinese Theatre more than words. We went to  a great museum too at the old Max Factor Building. I mean thats where Lucy got here hair colour. Awesome, well to me anyway. We also spent the day at Griffith Park which was one of my fave days ever, its gorgeous up there and the Observatory is just gorgeous (and has a kickass planetarium show!). LA is so spread out its just silly, but I really liked being there. It is just an OTT place but like everywhere I guess it has some sweet spots. 

So that is my trip in a nutshell for you - hopefully you enjoyed my photos! I had a truly amazing time and honestly I didn't want to come home, I loved the USA. Seriously, I am already planning my next trip. 

Coming up I will share my treasures from my trip with you, I think I picked up some gems you will like.