sweet home Chicago

Gorgeous Tiffany dome Chicago Cultural Centre

Art work at the Chicago Cultural Centre

Cloud Gate at Millennium Park

Inside the Cloud Gate

More art work at Millennium Park

Tiny street art at the Tribune Building

Chicago. Well as you may know, I studied architecture. And Chicago is the home of modern architecture, well the skyscraper at least. I was overwhelmed by this, and slightly annoyed by it. Don't get me wrong - there are some amazing architectural sites but there are so many I just didn't find I could become attached to it. But there are some gorgeous things i loved, riding the El, sitting in the sun in Millennium Park, exploring Lincoln Park. Chicago has a rhythm all its own and I had a great time. I saw some amazing jazz, a great play & I saw my fave band Mumford & Sons play an amazing show (but more on that later). 

and next - last but not least - Los Angeles!