rainy days

sweet ignorance
beneath what you see 

living in melbourne i see my fair share of rainy days, well gloomy finger freezing days anyway. and how does one occupy themselves in this completely lame weather? well, i like to stay inside and drinks cups of tea by the jug full (no jokes - 8 cups today and counting.) oh and sometimes i make pretty things. like the pieces above i just finished for the rainy days exhibition taking place down in Tassie starting July 14 at Cube Art & Design. The are tiny - 10x10cm in fact - and are a little bit of collage, little bit of drawing and a little bit of pastel too. I wish I could go down for opening night but alas I am frozen to my chair. I wish I was kidding

But if you happen to find yourself in fair Tassie, stop by and take a look and even pick up these little gems if you like. 

rainy days exhibition  - cube art + design - Shop 8, Salamanca Arts Centre 77 Salamanca Place Hobart
opening 14 july - 27 july