design : semi permanent melbourne (among other things)

all pics by me

So I'm a little slow on posting this, but it's just that I was having too much fun actually enjoying myself that I didn't get to sort through my photos of all the fun. Sorry :) 

Anyway, last weekend I went to Semi Permanent here in Melbourne and I walked away so completely inspired by all the amazing speakers that I didn't quite know what to do with myself. I have never wanted to change my career so many times in one day!  I took something away from every single one but my faves were Timba Smits, Buck, Claire Martin, Andy Jenkins and Big Active.  In fact after listening to Gerard Saint from Big Active speak about the art direction they do I was pretty set on packing my bags, moving to London and begging for a job. 

I did come to my senses though, never fear. But I did learn a whole lot about what I want to do in this crazy world and maybe how I could make it happen one of these days. 

Oh and I went to see the magnificent Megan Washington perform on Friday night at the Corner Hotel. She is the shiz. You should check her out if you haven't already.