truth be told, I love invitations

So it really is no secret that I am quite fond of a wedding or anything to do with weddings. Actually parties in general, but weddings do tend to have better cake which is beside the point. 

Oh and there is a point

Well, while my love of weddings is pretty clear, I probably haven't shared that I actually design custom wedding invitations. Doing these designs is probably my most favourite thing to do, because I really love collaborating with people to come up with something super special.  So below is one of the recent custom designs I have done - engagement party invites for my pal Kate for you to have a sneaky peek at. 

This was heaps of fun for me because Kate is quite a stylish lass indeed and she also gave me free reign to design something elegant, simple and fun. In my excitement, I whipped up quite a few designs but this one was the winner in the end and they look super. 

So if you know anyone who is getting married or having a party, or just needs some sweet custom work then point them in my direction.