Finders Keepers all wrapped up

I'm going to start by apologising for the image heavy post - what can I say, there were just too many awesome moments and things at Finders Keepers this weekend that I had to include them all. 

So Finders Keepers Melbourne was on over the weekend and it was quite possibly the most fun and lovely weekend I have ever had while I have been running my little business. The crowd, stalls and 'vibe' made it a super weekend. And while I am pretty tuckered out, I kind of wish I was doing it again this weekend.  Thank you to everyone that came along and said hi - it was lovely chatting to so many truly sweet people and hearing so many nice things about my little stall, makes it all worthwhile.  

Here are a few shots from my stall, over the next couple of days I'll share some more of my pics. 

my sweet heart from the Paper Convention Collective table run by trial and error

installation by Paper Convention Collective - LOVE!!

I had not one but 4 cameras (I know, excessive!) including my polaroid

Snapshots of my stall - flowers & vintage teacups

And I made bunting too with my ladies on it

more stall shots! 

Pom-pom garland and paper frames

Me at the stall before the mayhem!

and my sister at the stall - isn't she the cutest! She was literally a liftesaver on Sunday and I simply can't thank her enough - best sister ever!