Custom Design - With compliments

Late last year my friend Helena contacted me about designing a personalised with compliments cards as a wedding gift for her  friends Craig and Jon. Of course as you can guess I said yes!  

Despite our distance - Helena is currently living the life in London (jealous much? Yeah me too) - we worked together trying many different designs and ideas until it was just right. 

The final result was a modernised wax seal in a gorgeous ruby red. Craig and Jon love fashion and all the good things in life, so the personalised stationery reflects the timeless design they treasure from labels we all covet like Viktor & Rolf and Chanel. The gorgeous red colour is Chinese Red - the colour of the soles of the forever gorgeous Christian Louboutin's shoes. Why you ask? Well it is an amazing colour reminiscent of a traditional wax seal. AND because the guys gave their bridesmaids a pair of Louboutin's for the wedding. 

Yes, I am jealous too. 

Helena had the design letter pressed on a gorgeous textured stock over in London town and I am so unbelievably happy with the way they turned out. In fact I may have squealed when I Helena sent through the photos. 

Below are a few pictures of the final with compliments slips that Helena kindly took for me.

And by the way, Helena is a rather cool and talented lady herself  - check out her blog over here. Be warned - she leads a pretty cool life over there (travel, baking & generally fun times) so you may find yourself feeling a little jealous while reading her posts. You have been warned. 

Photographs by Helena, Design by me :)