new year, same loves

So I know we are almost a week into 2012, but I'm still getting into the swing of things - so happy belated new year!

I had big plans for blogging up a storm over my holidays but instead I've been reading, relaxing and planning a few new ventures for 2012 including a kind of new direction for this blog and even a new little sister blog to boot. Now this new blog isn't supposed to replace this one, but kind of be its cuter quirky little sister, leaving this one to be the cool older sister blog focused on all my work with truthbetold. Weird analogy I know, but I'm really excited about the new direction and hopefully you guys will be too. 

Anyway, while I am busy putting the finishing touches on all of that I thought I would share my fave video from over the holidays - this video karaoke session by two of my fave actors Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt. You have probably already seen it 1,000 times but go ahead and swoon again why don't ya? Could they be a-n-y cuter if they tried?

video via hellogiggles - my fave site