Work // The Best Map EVER

So late last year one of my friends was heading to New York and I offered to make her a map. And not just any map, but the best map ever

Well at the very least the best map ever made by me, which isn't much of a contest really considering the map that previously held the title is one I made in Grade 4 for our family road trip to Queensland. It had glitter on it and cut out pictures of the Big Pineapple. 

So you can understand why the Great Pineapple Map has held this title for almost 20 years. 

Anyway, while this one doesn't feature any glitter it does kind of one up the Great Pineapple Map if only because it points out about 10 different places to eat sweets, which I believe is the most important thing to research when traveling (or just going to another suburb). 

I loved making it because it reminded me of the amazing time that I had in New York. So for a peek at the best map ever made  (by me), just click on the images below.