disband : sneak peek

So as promised here are a couple of sneaky peeks of my works for Disband, well two of them anyway.  
I'm having a lot of fun with these even although I may have had a mini meltdown last night worrying that they wouldn't be finished before I go and that they wouldn't be good enough to grace the walls with works by artists such as these amazing lovely talented peeps.   But you can't stress about these things I guess or my work will be really well, crap.  

So here they are for you to peek at : 

i think i love the cat more than you  

And this one is a little more finished thus the super close up - it was inspired by something this guy said to me ' you close your eyes and think of me, I close my eyes and think of her'. not sure if that will be the name of the piece

So hopefully they aren't too lame! But I will share some more before I head off to NYC next wednesday